Message From Our Director

The wireless cellular industry is one of the fastest growing industries nationwide and globally. Technology driving growth in the industry has evolved rapidly from analog to digital, voice to multimedia services, from a single standard to multiple standards and from regional to global systems. These trends are creating daily deployment challenges for site professionals to obtain new sites for the infrastructure required to meet customer quality and service demands.

In order for telecommunication service providers to be competitive and meet the service levels required by customers, they must increase their wireless network coverage and at the same time reduce costs related to infrastructure development. The solution to the issue is the construction of additional towers at strategic sites to provide the best coverage to users and to reduce cost by sharing telecommunication infrastructure.

Rangkaian Minang (NS) Sdn Bhd (RMNS) has been given the mandate by the Negeri Sembilan state government to be the lead coordinating body for the planning, construction and maintenance of the telecommunication infrastructure in the state.  RMNS provides the expertise to identify sites for the construction of the towers and managed services of the telecommunication infrastructure to the respective operators.

RMNS efforts to provide greater coverage, better telecommunication infrastructure and at a lower cost gives RMNS an opportunity to be the preferred telecommunication solution provider in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

Md Isa Bin Salim

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