Site Survey

We provide consultancy services to assess topographical, environmental conditions and capacity of infrastructure for load planning. The services include surveys for site pre-build and installation planning.

Structural Analysis

Our team of engineers have the expertise to analyze structures and provide advise on load planning for additional antennas and lightning protection for sites at high altitude.

Design Engineering

Our design team is capable of producing designs for common structures as well as customized esthetic structures. Our designs take into consideration factors such as load requirements, wind speed, construction material and other design criteria.

Tower Installation

Our team of experienced engineers provides installation services for your products on the respective structure.


Construction of Greenfield and Roof Top Sites

We provide services from fabrication to installation at rooftop or greenfield sites.

Foundation Design and Installation

Our team of structural engineers provides services to design and install various types of foundation such as concrete raft, traditional piles and screw piles.

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