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With respect to the Malaysian economic growth and population increase, usage of cellular communication facilities and coverage is an emerging agenda for the improvement of the state’s economic growth. The 9th Malaysia plan focus is to expand the telecommunication network to improve access to information to bridge the digital divide. In order to achieve the objective, construction of telecommunication towers in the state is a key activity that is required.

To ensure that cellular communication is able to function and be enjoyed by all levels of society, the development of the telecommunications infrastructure is an important element that needs to be planned in a more orderly manner. Sufficient number of telecommunication towers is a must for creating a communication system that is effective and efficient.

Rangkaian Minang (NS) Sdn Bhd is a concession formed by the Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan (Incorporated) and Wellcom Communications (NS) Sdn Bhd to address the telecommunication infrastructure needs of the state. As a state joint venture company, Rangkaian Minang manages the entire lifecycle of the development of telecommunication structures from planning, construction and maintenance of the infrastructure.

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