Functions, Objectives and Responsibilities

To ensure that the entrusted responsibilities is being executed, Rangkaian Minang (NS) Sdn Bhd (RMNS) has two different functions and objectives:

1.  RMNS as a One Stop Agency (OSA)

With the agreement to appoint RMNS as One Stop Agency (OSA) from Negeri Sembilan State Government, RMNS is responsible for the coordination and supervision of the telecommunication tower construction adhering to government’s guidelines.

The OSA objectives are:
i.   Streamlining and coordinating development of telecommunication infrastructure in meeting consumers and operators growing demand.
ii.  Effective administration of telecommunication infrastructure in ensuring conformity to rules and regulations.

The responsibilities are:
i. To accommodate Local Councils (LC) for processing, standardization as well as coordination of application from telecommunication companies and other companies that have been awarded license by Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia (SKMM) for issuance of new construction permits for telecommunication structures.
ii.   Planning and coordinating of all new construction of  telecommunication structures.
iii.  To ensure that all existing and new telecommunication structures are being registered and has been approved by LC.
iv.  To prepare a master plan for construction of telecommunication structures in Negeri Sembilan.

2.  RMNS as a State Backed Company (SBC)

With the License Network Facility Provider license awarded by Suruhanjaya Komunikasi & Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM), RMNS has been given permission to build telecommunication structures for the whole of Negeri Sembilan to be shared by several telecommunication companies. The role as an SBC is concentrating more on the preparation of telecommunication structures to ensure comprehensive cellular  coverage in the whole of Negeri Sembilan.

The objective as SBC with the NFP License is:
i.    To  facilitate leasing of  telecommunication infrastructure on sharing basis by cellular network operators.
ii.   To coordinate the construction of telecommunication structures  with telecommunication companies to ensure comprehensive coverage.

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